Marketing Automation – 5 Must-haves for Success

The marketing automation tools have empowered marketers to influence the customer lifecycle from top to the bottom of the sales and marketing funnel. Implementing marketing automation is a must-have in all businesses and it’s growing influence and impact on accelerating revenue and increasing customer lifetime value has been proven time and again.  The success of […]

Data Normalization in Marketing Automation- Tips for Marketo Users

Database normalization in marketing; describes the process of organizing the content of each table in your database. Marketo data normalization campaigns ensure that each cell of your table should have a single, accurate, and relevant value. Without normalization, your database could be cluttered, unorganized, inefficient, and may produce unexpectedly wrong results. Database normalization focuses on […]

How Does Progressive Profiling Work in Marketing Automation

Most people think progressive profiling is just a website form thing- Yes it is in a way but it is way more than that. Besides improving your initial conversion rates for gated content it must compliment your customer’s journey. It has a much wider impact because it is an integral part of your content engagement […]

Quick Tips For Cleaning Up Sales Insights in Marketo

Sales Insights in Marketo can get complex to use if the periodic cleanup of assets is not done. Develop a habit of removing email campaigns from Sales Insight once you are done with particular ones. Cleaning up your sales insights in Marketo allows you to provide better organized and well-defined marketing assets to your sales […]

Importance of Marketo Instance Cleanup

 A scheduled Marketo instance cleanup or data hygiene practices can make your Marketo perform at its best year-round. If you experience a slow working Marketo instance or you think it’s not as agile as its once was, then its time to clean it up.  Removing unused/old data from your Marketo instance from time to time […]

7 Indirect Ways Marketing Automation is Helping You

Marketing automation is not any hidden concept; it has become the darling of every marketer irrespective of their business size. Once thought to be something for bigger companies Marketing Automation is now prevalent in small and medium-sized businesses in almost every industry. – With 69% of people depending upon online research to engage with a […]

Do You Really Need a Marketo Audit?

What exactly is a Marketo Audit?  The Marketo Health Audit is a comprehensive review of your running marketing automation processes. This Marketo health checkup includes the technical and operational implications of Marketo. It also consists of a thorough check of the processes within Marketo and its integration with CRM. Most audits also examine if your […]

5 Must-Haves for B2B Website Conversion Rate Optimization

By: Taran Nandha Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) based on A/B testing is one of the fastest deployable methodologies to increase the percentage of your website visitors taking the desired action.  There are abundant Conversion Rate Optimization tactics available to increase conversion rates for your B2B website. In this blog, we will keep the spotlight on […]

Key skills and roles required for successful B2B event marketing

According to AdStage 8% of B2B marketers use in-person events for lead generation initiatives. This is particularly important considering 73% of marketers are prioritizing lead quality in 2018. Depending on the size of the organization, functional responsibilities for event-related activities may sit within multiple departments or geographies, and the skills required may require multiple roles. […]

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